FT Univ Faculty (PH)

List of (1) full-time PhD faculty members based in the Physics department; and (2) PhD physicists based outside the Physics department: 
  • University of the Philippines Diliman
    • National Institute of Physics (NIP, UP Diliman)
    • Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (UPD, IESM)
  • Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU)
    • Department of Physics (Ateneo, Physics)
    • Information Systems and Computer Science (Ateneo, ISCS)
  • De La Salle University (DLSU)
  • Mapua Institute of Technology (Mapua)
  • Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT)
  • Mindanao State University-Marawi (MSU Marawi)
  • Philippine Normal University (PNU)
  • University of San Carlos (USC)
  • University of Santo Tomas (UST)
  • University of the Philippines Manila (UPM)
  • University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB)
  • University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB)
  • University of Southern Mindanao (USM)
  • Asian Institute of Management (AIM)
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NameAffiliationResearch InfoURLSexResearch InterestsTitle
NameAffiliationResearch InfoURLSexResearch InterestsTitle
Abella, Alfred MSEP, UP Diliman Google Scholar UPD, MSEP Male Surface waves, vortices Assistant Professor 
Aguilar, Ritz Ann NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar  Female Image and Signal Processing, 3D Imaging, Optics, Photonics, Optical Engineering Assistant Professor 
Agulo, Ian Jasper A. UPB ResearchGate UP Baguio, Physics Male RE Materials, Nanofabrication, Superconductors Associate Professor 
Albao, Marvin A. UPLB  UPLB, IMSP Male Condensed Matter Physics Professor 
Alguno, Arnold C. MSU-IIT ResearchGate MSU-IIT, Physics Male Solar Cell Tech., Semiconductor Physics Professor 
Alis, Christian AIM ResearchGate AIM Male Data Science Assistant Professor 
Almoro, Percival F. NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, Photonics Male Coherent Metrology, Holography, Fringe Processing Professor 
Ambolode, Leo Cristobal II C. MSU-IIT  MSU-IIT Male Computational Physics, Condensed Matter Physics Associate Professor 
Arboleda, Nelson B. Jr. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Male Interface Physics, Computational Materials Design Professor 
Aringa, Henry P. MSU Marawi  MSU Marawi, Physics Male Biopolymers Associate Professor 
Bacabac, Rommel G. USC Google Scholar USC, Physics Male Biophysics, Biomechanics, Mechanosensing Professor 
Bacala, Angelina MSU-IIT LinkedIn MSU-IIT Female Experimental High Energy Physics Professor 
Bagtasa, Gerry IESM, UP Diliman  UPD, Inst of Environmental Sci and Meteorology Male Atmospheric Physics Professor 
Baldo, Carlos F. III Mapua ResearchGate  Male Condensed Matter Physics, Solid State Physics, Materials Science  
Balista, Junius UPLB  UPLB, IMSP Male Soft Condensed Matter Physics (Granular Materials), Video and Image Processing, Complex Systems  Associate Professor 
Bantaculo, Rolando V. MSU-IIT ResearchGate MSU-IIT, Physics Male Electrical Engg., Electronics Engg., Materials Engg. Associate Professor 
Bantang, Johnrob Y. NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, Instru Male Complex Systems, Granular Materials, Comp. Physics Associate Professor 
Banzon, Ronald S. NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, SAND Male Biophysics, Computational Physics Associate Professor 
Batac, Rene C. DLSU Google Scholar Personal Male Complex Systems, Granular Materials, Self-Org. Criticality Associate Professor 
Bo-ot, Luis Ma. T. Arch, UP Diliman   Male Fluids, Plasma, Hearing Associate Professor 
Bornales, Jinky B. MSU-IIT ResearchGate MSU-IIT, Physics Female Theoretical Physics, Math. Physics, Comp. Physics Professor 
Cabello, Neil Irvin NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar  Male condensed matter physics, materials science, optoelectronics Assistant Professor 
Cambaliza, Ma. Obiminda L. AdMU  Ateneo, Physics Female Atmospheric Physics Assistant Professor 
Chan, Benjamin O. AdMU  Ateneo, Physics Male Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor 
Confesor, Mark Nolan P. MSU-IIT ResearchGate MSU-IIT Male Soft Matter, Biophysics Professor 
Cosme, Jayson NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar Personal Male Quantum fluids, Cold atoms, Superconductors Associate Professor 
Cuansing, Eduardo C. Jr. UPLB Google Scholar  Male Quantum Transport, Quantum Devices, Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics Professor 
Dasallas, Lean MSEP, UP Diliman Google Scholar UPD, MSEP Male Photonics Assistant Professor 
David, Melanie Y. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Female Polymer Physics Associate Professor 
Delmo, Michael P. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Male Semiconductor Physics, Magnetics, Spintronics Associate Professor 
De los Santos, Ramon AdMU Google Scholar  Male Terahertz Photonics, Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics  
De Luna, Marie Josephine M. UPM  UP Manila Female Raman Spectroscopy, Quantum Dots, X-ray Diffractometry Professor 
de Vera, Francesca Isabel UPLB Google Scholar UPLB Female  Assistant Professor 
Domingo, Herbert B. UPM Google Scholar UP Manila Male Quantum mechanics Assistant Professor 
Esguerra, Jose Perico H. NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, Theory Male Fractional Calculus, Nonlinear Dynamics, Math. Physics  Professor 
Estacio, Elmer S. NIP, UP Diliman  NIP, CMPL Male Terahertz Photonics, Semiconductor Physics  Professor 
Flores, Marvin M. NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar  Male Quantum Entanglement Assistant Professor 
Gabayno, Jacque Lynn F. Mapua  Mapua, Physics Female   
Galapon, Eric A. NIP, UP Diliman  NIP, Theory Male Quantum Measurements Theory, Math. Physics Professor 
Galvez, Maria Cecilia D. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Female Atmospheric Physics, LIDAR Associate Professor 
Gammag, Rayda Mapua ResearchGate  Female Materials Physics, Solid State Physics, Condensed Matter Physics  
Garcia, Alipio T. UPB ResearchGate UP Baguio, Physics Male Semiconductors, HT and UHV Processes, Optics Professor 
Garcia, Wilson O. NIP, UP Diliman  NIP, Photonics Male Pulsed Laser Deposition, Laser Sources Professor 
Guerrero, Raphael A. AdMU Google Scholar Ateneo, Physics Male Photonics Associate Professor 
Hartmann, Richard C. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Male Condensed Matter Theory Associate Professor 
Hermosa, Nathaniel P. II NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, Photonics Male Optics, Orbital Angular Momentum of Light, Beam Shifts  Professor 
Herrera, Marvin U. UPLB  UPLB, IMSP Male Materials Science and Engineering Professor 
Hilario, Paul Leonard Atchong EEEI, UP Diliman Google Scholar  Male Experimental Physics, Optics Instructor 
Lagrosas, Nofel D. AdMU  Ateneo, Physics Male Atmospheric Science, Remote Sensing Assistant Professor 
Legara, Erika Fille AIM Google Scholar AIM Female Complexity, Computational Social Science, Data Science Associate Professor 
Lim, May T. NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, Instru Female Complex Systems, Statistical Physics, Data Science Professor 
Macalalad, Ernest Mapua Google Scholar Mapua, Physics Male Space Science, Atmospheric Physics  
Macam, Gennevieve NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP Female Topological quantum materials, Condensed matter, Magnetism physics Associate Professor 
Macatangay, Ronald C. IESM, UP Diliman ResearchGate UPD, Inst of Environmental Sci and Meteorology Male Atmospheric Physics Assistant Professor 
Mahinay, Christian Lorenz AdMU Google Scholar  Male Plasma Physics, Low energy ion beams Assistant Professor 
Malapit, Giovanni M. UPB  UP Baguio Male Plasma Physics Assistant Professor 
Maquiling, Joel T. AdMU  Atone, Physics Male Geophysics, Physics Education Assistant Professor 
Maratas, Jan Mickelle V. MSU-IIT inSPIRE HEP MSU-IIT Male Phenomenological High Energy Physics Professor 
McNamara, Daniel J. SJ AdMU  Ateneo, Physics Male Mathematical Physics Professor 
Monterola, Christopher AIM Google Scholar AIM Male Analytics, Computing and Complex Systems Professor 
Natividad, Michelle T. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Female Computational Physics, Materials Science  Assistant Professor 
Nawang, Salasa A. MSU-IIT inSPIRE HEP MSU-IIT, Physics Male High-Energy Physics, Radiation Physics Professor 
Nonesa, Jelly Grace B.  USM  Univ. of Southern Mindanao Female Astrophysics Associate Professor 
Otadoy, Roland Emerito S. USC ResearchGate USC, Physics Male Space Weather, Magnetospheric Physics, Ionosphere Professor 
Pada, Caironesa T. MSU Marawi  Dept of Physics, MSU Marawi Female   
Padama, Allan Abraham B. UPLB Google Scholar UPLB, IMSP Male Density Functional Theory, Surface Science Professor 
Palisoc, Cesar PNU Google Scholar  Male High energy physics Associate Professor 
Palisoc, Shirley T. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Female Materials Science, Condensed Matter Physics Professor 
Paraan, Francis N.C. NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, SAND Male Critical Phenomena - Spin Chains - Entanglement  Associate Professor 
Patacsil, Crismar UPB  UP Baguio, Physics Male Optics, Nanotechnology, Atmospheric Physics/Climate Change Professor 
Perez, Gay Jane P. IESM, UP Diliman Google Scholar UPD, Inst of Environmental Sci and Meteorology Female Remote Sensing Associate Professor 
Piñol, Chrysline Margus N. UPLB  UPLB, IMSP Female Biophysics Associate Professor 
Pobre, Romeric F. DLSU  DLSU, Physics Male Instrumentation Physics Professor 
Ponce, Theta C. UA&P  University of Asia & the Pacific Female  Associate Professor 
Putungan, Darwin B. UPLB Google Scholar UPLB, IMSP Male Computational Physics, Computational Materials Science Professor 
Que, Christopher T. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Male Terahertz Associate Professor 
Quiñones, Catherine Therese J. MSU-IIT  MSU-IIT Female Medical Physics Associate Professor 
Recoleto, Florencio Jr. D. MSU Marawi  MSU Marawi, Physics Male Semiconductor Physics Associate Professor 
Reyes, Reinabelle NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar YouTube Female Data science, Computational physics Associate Professor 
Rodulfo, Emmanuel T. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Male Cosmology, Astrophysics, Mathematical Physics Professor 
Roleda, Robert C. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Male Gravitation, Physics Education, Complex Systems Associate Professor 
Roxas-Villanueva, Ranzivelle Marianne L. UPLB  UPLB, IMSP Female  Physics Education, Complex Sytems, Image Processing  Professor 
Salang, Cyril MSEP, UP Diliman Google Scholar Personal Female Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Semiconductors Assistant Professor 
Salang, Cyril Sadia MSEP, UP Diliman Google Scholar UPD, MSEP Female Semiconductors Assistant Professor 
Saloma, Caesar A. NIP, UP Diliman  NIP, Instru Male Instrumentation Professor 
Salvador, Arnel A. NIP, UP Diliman  NIP, CMPL Male MBE-grown Nanostructures, Optoelectronics Professor 
Santos, Gil Nonato C. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Male Materials Science and Engineering, Nanomaterials Professor 
Santos-Putungan, Alexandra UPLB Google Scholar UPLB, IMSP Female Computational materials science Associate Professor 
Sarmago, Roland V. NIP, UP Diliman  NIP, CMPL Male Nanomaterials, High Tc Superconductors, Materials Physics Professor 
Sarmiento, Raymund Antonio C. Jr USC  USC, Physics Male Materials Science Associate Professor 
Simpas, James Bernard B. AdMU  Ateneo, Physics Male Atmospheric Science, Instrumentation Assistant Professor 
Sombillo, Denny Lane B. NIP, UP Diliman ResearchGate NIP, Theory Male Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Assistant Professor 
Sombillo, Neris Ilano AdMU  AdMU Female  Assistant Professor 
Somintac, Armando S. NIP, UP Diliman ResearchGate NIP, CMPL Male MBE, Nanotech., Optoelectronic devices Professor 
Soriano, Maricor N. NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, Instru Female Color, Image Processing, Video Processing  Professor 
Sugon, Quirino Jr. AdMU Google Scholar Ateneo, Physics Male Mathematical Physics Assistant Professor 
Sulañgi, Miguel Antonio NIP, UP Diliman  NIP Male Condensed matter Associate Professor 
Tapang, Giovanni A. NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, Instru Male Optics, Language Networks, Sci. Educ., Instrumentation  Professor 
Tapia, Alvin Karlo G. UPLB ResearchGate UPLB, IMSP Male Materials Physics, Polymers Professor 
Trono, Jade D. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Female  Associate Professor 
Tumlos, Roy B. UPM ResearchGate UP Manila Male Plasma Physics Associate Professor 
Vallar, Edgar A. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Male Remote Sensing, Environment, Computing Associate Professor 
Vega, Ian NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, Theory Male Gravitational Physics, Black Holes Professor 
Vega, Marienette M. MSEP, UP Diliman Google Scholar Personal Female Nanoscience Associate Professor 
Vequizo, Reynaldo M. MSU-IIT  MSU-IIT, Physics Male Materials Physics Professor 
Villagonzalo, Cristine D. NIP, UP Diliman Google Scholar NIP, SAND Female Solid State Physics  Professor 
Villagracia, Al Rey C. DLSU Google Scholar DLSU, Physics Male Computational Methods, Density Functional Theory Associate Professor 
Villanueva, Anthony Allan D. UPLB  UPLB, IMSP Male Mathematical Physics, Quantum Mechanics Associate Professor 
Villarin, Jose T. AdMU  AdMU Male atmospheric science Associate Professor 
Villegas, Vladimir UST Google Scholar UST Male theoretical condensed matter physics  
Yanga, Danilo M. USC   Male Condensed Matter Physics Theory Professor 
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